Here you can find all of our savings and superannuation calculators.


  • Budget planner - This calculator allows you to calculate how much money your clients could save to meet their savings goals sooner.
  • Compare our savings accounts - At ING, all savings accounts have no ING fees.
  • Savings goal calculator - This calculator allows you to calculate the payments required for your client to achieve a savings goal within a specific timeframe.
  • Regular savings calculator - Get some fast indicative answers about your clients savings with this easy calculator. See how your savings can grow with regular monthly deposits.
  • Term deposits calculator - See how your clients money can grow over time with this personal term deposits calculator. Click to see the term deposits interest rates and terms . If you're a business customer, we can help you too. Try our special business optimiser calculator.
  • Business Optimiser calculator - This calculator gives an indication of how much your clients business, organisation or Trust can save over time based on an initial contribution and regular ongoing deposits.
  • Business Term Deposits calculator - This calculator gives an indication of how much interest your clients will earn on your Business Term Deposit. The result will change according to the term selected and rates currently available.


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